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Regulatory Support

We can provide the regular advice and assistance ...

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Compliance Solutions will manage both your corporate ...

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Compliance Reviews

Our reviews are completely unbiased and 100 per cent useful ...

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Compliance Monitoring

The Hong Kong Code of Conduct for Persons Licensed ...

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Compliance Training

Training and Competence has never been more important ...

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Customer Complaints Handling

Not analysing and acting on complaints in terms of numbers...

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Anti Money Laundering "KYC"

Many regulated businesses worry about money laundering...

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Recruitment - Fit and Proper checks

The Hong Kong Code of Conduct for Persons Licensed
By or Registered with the Securities and Futures Commission states:

Paragraph 4.1
"A licensed or registered person should ensure that any person it employs or appoints to conduct business is 'fit and proper' and otherwise qualified to act in the capacity so employed or appointed (including having relevant professional training or experience)".

Compliance Solutions will conduct discreet ‘fit and proper’ background checks on potential new recruits, advising on the suitability of the individual for your firm.

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