compliance solutions

Regulatory Support

We can provide the regular advice and assistance ...

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Compliance Solutions will manage both your corporate ...

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Compliance Reviews

Our reviews are completely unbiased and 100 per cent useful ...

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Compliance Monitoring

The Hong Kong Code of Conduct for Persons Licensed ...

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Compliance Training

Training and Competence has never been more important ...

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Customer Complaints Handling

Not analysing and acting on complaints in terms of numbers...

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Anti Money Laundering "KYC"

Many regulated businesses worry about money laundering...

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Anti Money Laundering - KYC

Many regulated businesses worry about money laundering - and the risks it poses. That's why we've developed a suite of money laundering prevention services, from reviews through to specialist training.

We'll examine your existing money laundering policies and procedures, then identify and recommend improvements to ensure you meet your regulatory requirements and best practices.

And during this process we'll go beyond your guidelines and procedures. We examine what's actually happening from case-to-case - as well as helping to define your Know Your Client (KYC) and Know Your Client's Business (KYCB) criteria.

We can also train and assess your people to ensure they implement your procedures correctly and, crucially, to ensure they fulfil their regulatory requirements.

Our specialist compliance services can make all the difference to your business. To discuss the options, or to arrange a meeting, simply call +852 2576 6211 - or contact one of our consultants contact a member of our staff